RTC backup battery input voltage for Verdin IMX8M plus


I have a quick question regarding the Verdin IMX8M Plus. This module has an RX8130CE according to the datasheet as RTC.
We would like to use a supercap to keep time it when the module is powered off.
Is it possible to use a 5.5V supercap?, as this would be helpful for keeping time longer compared to using a 2.7V one.


Hello rikte,

The input capacitors on our module for the RX8130CD are 6.3 volts. and the RTC can go till 5.5volts.
So you should be fine.
But keep in mind: The Verdin Module specification is 3.6 volts that means if we bring out other modules in the verdin family it is not guaranteed that the new module will allow more then 3.6 volt.

Best Regards,