RS485 Python

Hi everyone,

I am testing an RS485 communication on IMX7D

Communication from the point of view of signals is ok and I am able to transmit and receive;
However I have a problem in a python script regarding reading;

the test system is very simple : I have a microcontrol that sends data at reagular intervals and the script on the SOM that must read them;
the script is trivially this:

import serial
import serial.rs485

ser = serial.Serial(
               baudrate = 9600,

ser.rs485_mode = serial.rs485.RS485Settings()

if (ser.isOpen() == True):

The problem is that until 4095 bytes have been received, there is nothing readable;
if I check with ser.inWaiting ()
I get 0 until I get 4095 and at that point I can read all the queued messages …

Anyone know how to fix?

Look like the problem can be solved disabling UART dma

Hello Manbiz,
what OS you are using and which version. Are you using a custom carrier board?
Can you then please share your device tree file.