RS232 on vialo eval board

The vialo eval board has no Rs232 driver/transceiver chip on baord.
How to realize a RS232 connection from UART_A. Pin 26TxD, Pin 27 RxD) to the PC for the debug messages from BSP üver RS232 ?
Is an external RS232 driver board availabe ?
Or exist an RS232 over USB solution and how it works ?

Hi @StefanR

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Actually Viola is our cheapest carrier Board and does not include any USB/UART Converter. You should buy the Colibri Evaluation Board or at least Aster Carrier Board to have USB/UART Converter Chip on the carrier Board.

The solution for the Viola Board is to buy an external USB/RS232 Converter and connect this to the corresponding UART Pins on the carrier Board.

Best regards, Jaski