RpmsgDemo: Firmware in .bin/.elf format

I have question about WinCE Rpmsg_Demo.

According to Toradex CE library 2.3 documentation Rpmsg_SetConfigString(hRpmsg, L"Firmware",..) supports only raw binary files. The developer website page about imx7 FreeRTOS mentions only rpmgsp_pingpong_example.bin as well.
However the demo source code uses an elf format for iMX7:

if (Cop_GetSocFamily() == SocFamily_Imx7)
       returnValue = Rpmsg_SetConfigString(hRpmsg, L"Firmware", 
                         L"\\USB HD\\rpmsg_pingpong_freertos.elf", StoreVolatile);


  • Does iMX7 support bin format? If so what is proper load address and execute address for iMX7?
  • If only elf file supported – where to get rpmgsp_pingpong_example.elf? Only a .bin file is available in the Rpmsg_Demo folder.

We switched from using .bin files to using .elf files a while ago. Apparently the documentation and demo was not yet fully adjusted to this change.

  1. We don’t support .bin files anymore.
    The big advantage of .elf files is, that load / execute addresses are defined within the .elf file, so you don’t have to care anymore about these parameters.
  2. The rpmsg_pingpong_example.elf as well as all other M4 firmwares can be generated from the source. The build scripts in our offering are configured to automatically generate .elf files.
    I also attached this particular .elf file here:

I will make sure that the .elf file will be shipped with library release V2.4, and the documentation will be updated accordingly.
Thank you for your feedback.

Regards, Andy