Rpmsg Comunication channel creation failed

I am working in an environment where i am running win CE 7 on A7 core and baremetal application using freeRTOS lib on M4. Communication between A7 and M4 core is going on using Rpmsg Library and it is working fine until i developed a new PWM module on M4 side application.

Recenetly i developed a PWM module on M4 core for one of my application( PFA file having functions used for PWM1 init link text)

When I run the A7 side application Rpmsg_Open returns succesfully and M4 side source code is running too( I have verified it by probing the PWM out pulse on the PWM1.out pin and we have also toggle a heartbeat led at M4 side, both working as expected). However It failed to create the communication channel. It all started when i use PWM in my code.

If I disable the PWM init in my main application[ InitPWMModule() ] then rpmsg channel created successfully.

I am not able to find out the root cause of this behaviour.

Dear @bipin7301

I suggest to track down the reason on the M4 side first:
Reduce the PWM init function until you find the line of code which is responsible for breaking the RpMsg communication.

The RpMsg communication was not designed to be re-initialized. Therefore make sure that you reset your device before starting a new proper test.

Regards, Andy

Thanks Andy, It was some coding related issue.