Route WEC7 command line to serial port?

Is it possible to route the WEC7 Command line to a serial port? This is handy for development and test, or if we have trouble getting our headless unit up on a network.

You can do that by setting console output to a serial port via registry configuration:

OutputTo = REG_DWORD:<index of com port> 
COMSpeed = REG_DWORD:<com speed as hex value, ex: 1C200 for 115200 baud>

If you plan to use COM1 (UARTA) you may disable debug output from the bootloader by typing:

set dbg.serial 0
save dbg

On the bootloader console, or changing it to a different port using:

set ser.port <index 1=UARTA,2=UARTB etc.>
save ser

You also need to start cmd.exe at boot by adding a key under:


Rember that typing “exit” at the prompt will close it and then you’ll have to reboot to be able to acces it.

I got “Unrecognized option 70.” on UARTA.

If I have these files in place:
Debug.lnk (calls Debug.bat)

…I get:

Launching image at 10200000.
Unrecognized option 70.
Pocket CMD v 7.00
\FlashDisk\AutoRun\DebugLog.bat: File not found.

…on UARTA.

I have bootloader output on that same serial port. Is that a problem?

It feels like I’m close. Thanks for the help.

See CE6.0 Unrecognized option

…for description of problem. This is my workaround:

I created the keys in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Console] as described above, but skipped creating the keys in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Init]. Instead, I place a .lnk / .bat file combo in \FlashDisk\AutoRun to launch the command prompt on UARTA.


\FlashDisk\AutoRun files:
      51#"\windows\cmd.exe" /c "\FlashDisk\AutoRun\Debug.bat"
      copy "\FlashDisk\coreConFiles\*" "\windows\"
      cd "\windows\"
      START "conmanclient2.exe"
      START "cmaccept.exe"
      START "cmd.exe"

This should be workable. Thanks for your help.

Yes, you need to disable debug output on that uart or redirect it to a different serial, see my previous reply for instructions.

To copy the files you can use our autocopy feature. Put them on \FlashDisk\AutoCopy\Windows
If you want to autostart VS debugger you can launch VSDebugger.exe instead, it will run conmanclient2 and cmaccept and relaunch them if they close (so you can connect multiple times).
String len is 52, if I did not miscount the characters.
Did you check if the shortcut works when launched via double click?