Rotate Display and Touchscreen by 90 degrees

I want to rotate the Resistive Touch Display 7" parallel counter clockwise so that it is portrait mode. I have a build running and have used xrandr to rotate the image using “xrandr -o left”. When doing this I lose the toradex logo and the background of the display turns black. This will likely not work for me. I also notice when the image is rotated the touchscreen is not rotated.

I also attempt to recalibrate the touchscreen using xinpu_calibrator. After the recalibration I do not see touches where they should be at all (mouse arrow doesn’t appear anywhere and when I actually move the mouse it starts from down below the bottom of the portrait display.

How can I permanently rotate the display and get the touchscreen calibrated appropriately? I ultimately want to enable this configuration without an Xsession running a Qt application on linux console.

Anyone have any input on my issue??

Which Qt application are you planning to use? With Qt5 and Qml one can rotate in the Qml root window using:

    transform: Rotation {
        angle: -90
        origin.x: Screen.height / 2
        origin.y: Screen.height / 2

See also this thread which has a demo application.

Rather than solve the issue on several different Software stacks (X/Qt) I recommend to decide on a stack and tackle the problem there.

How will the touchscreen behave using this transform? Sorry I don’t have a working test environment at the moment to check it out.

According to the Qt Documentation it should transform mouse and touch input as well.