Rotary encoder for imx7?

Dear All,
We are planning to use colibri imx7 for one of our product. We have a rotary encoder(Quadrature encoder) based sensor to read the angle. In am338x there is a separate module for this(eqep module). It would be great if some could point me in the right direction to use and configure the module to read rotary encoder.


The IP which probably comes closest in the i.MX 7 SoC is the FlexTimer. According to the reference manual it supports “Quadrature decoder with input filters, relative position counting, and interrupt on position count or capture of position count on external event”.

There is a FlexTimer driver to generate PWM signals, but there is no driver which allows to use those advanced counters. You would have to write a driver for it. It seems that the Linux IIO subsystem for counter devices would be the way to go nowadays.

You can also use a generic Linux GPIO based encoder driver. It may be not so accurate as an IP based but driver exists already. Please see:

Thank you for the reply. I will look into the driver part.

Thank you for the reply. I will just test with our application.