Rootfs Full

I just got a Viola 1.2 board and a Colibri VF50 module and I succeeded in installing the Linux V2.5 Beta 2 ( but when I try to install any packages or changes in the system I get that there’s no space left on the device, bellow is the result of the df command :


Also apparently the file system is in read only so I can’t even set a password for my root user or enable ssh the two problems seems to be related though, maybe I am using a Linux image that is somewhat protected ?

Anyway, thanks for the help.

Hello jaski,
I didn’t add anything but the OS, thank you for the tip on the console image. I will test it now and see if I have any luck.

It worked, it seems like the LXDE is too much for the VF50. Thank you jaski.

Perfect, that it works.
Yeah, VF50 is limited on space. You could always delete things you do not need from the LXDE image if you need graphics for your application.

Hi gdev

Did you install anything more the toradex official bsp or was the rootfs already full at the beginning?
You should use the bsp version 2.6 or higher, since 2.5 is not supported anymore. If you don’t use graphics for your application, you can use the console image.