Rohm-bd718x7 reports errors at boot


I noticed our system is complaining on boot:

[    1.574870] rohm-bd718x7 0-004b: Failed to set masks in 0x2a: -6
[    1.580902] rohm-bd718x7 0-004b: Failed to add irq_chip

Does this like a problem? Are we asking it to do something not available on the 1.1a hardware?



Hello @edwaugh ,

This error was not reproducible with the following set-up:

root@verdin-imx8mm:~# cat /etc/issue
TDX Wayland with XWayland 5.2.0-devel-20210208+build.213 (dunfell) \n \l

Could you tell us the exact version you are using?

BR, Janani

Hi @saijanani.tx,
This version:
TorizonCore 5.1.0+build.1 \n \l
We have some devicetree modifications as well, made by @gauravks.
Is the rohm-bd718x7 part of the v1.1a design? Can you see if it gets configured correctly in your system during boot?

Looks like our devicetree is incorrect, @gauravks will fix in the next revision. Thanks for investigating.

Glad everything got cleared up.