Riverdi Display 24bit on imx6ull 1gb not working

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could you please help me in this case to get the display working -thank you very much!

Colibri Eval Board V3.2 from Toradex
imx6ull 1gb it V1.1A
Riverdi Addon RGB Evalboard with RVT70HSTNWC00
Evalboard is connected with Hsync, Vsync, DE, CLK and the RGB+Power to the Evalboard according this:

OS: Toradex Embedded Linux Reference Multimedia Image UPSTREAM 6.5.0+build.9 2024-01-08

No Screenoutput on the display. it is just flickering did i need to change a overlay or so?
i did playing with fw_setenv videoargs but no changes

Thanks for helping me

Accodrin to the Colibri iMX6 datasheet:
"The Colibri iMX6ULL provides one parallel LCD interface on the SODIMM connector. It supports up to 24-bit color per pixel. Only the 18-bit mode is ensured to be compatible with other Colibri modules. The additional signals required for the 24-bit interface are located as an alternate function of the SPI interface. These pins can only be used if the standard function (SPI) is not used.
We recommend using the LCD interface of the Colibri iMX6ULL only in the 18-bit mode."
For a 24-bit interface, you will need to either modify the Device Tree or load a Device Tree Overlay to change the pin mux settings for the additional 8 display data pins and adjust the panel settings accordingly. We do not have a ready-to-use overlay specifically for your display, so please refer to this article as a guide for your configuration needs.

@alex.tx Thank you for this information. I changed it to 18bit interface by grounding the LSB of the Color pins and rewired the connection to the Eval board according the standard pinout from the pinoutdesigner:

do you know what i should change in software? i try to set the videoargs on uboot to:
mxsfb:1024x600M-16@60 but it does not work? is there any other parameter that should be changed?

You need to adjust the panel timing and other parameters accordingly. You can use this overlay and follow the timing configuration as demonstrated here.

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Hi, thank you! So i need to add two overlays? or is it possible to change it via Uboot and the videoargs?

i think this one here is okay:

&lcdif {
	pinctrl-names = "default";
	pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_lcdif_dat

	display = <&display0>;
	status = "disabled";

	display0: lcd-display {
		bits-per-pixel = <16>;
		bus-width = <18>;

		display-timings {
			native-mode = <&timing_wsvga>;
			timing_wsvga: 1024x600 {
				clock-frequency = <51200000>;
				hactive = <1024>;
				vactive = <600>;
				hback-porch = <160>;
				hfront-porch = <160>;
				vback-porch = <23>;
				vfront-porch = <12>;
				hsync-len = <140>;
				vsync-len = <20>;
				de-active = <1>;
				hsync-active = <0>;
				vsync-active = <0>;
				pixelclk-active = <0>;


From the Datasheet:

Thank you very much

Hi @toraflo,

do you still need help here.

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Hi @matthias.tx

THank you for asking. Display is running good after compiling a specific Devicetree overlay, upload and activate it. - Thank you very much for the help