RGB LCD interface with iris career board

hi dear support
i am going to use “10.1 inch 1024x600 TFT LCD Display with capacitive touch panel [HY101CTP] - US $58.00 : HAOYU Electronics : Make Engineers Job Easier
but this LCD pinout is not completely match with iris pinout according to the schematic documents
would you please let me know how should i connect it with iris?
is there any application note or design guide in colibri imx6 for RGB interface?

i am using :
Colibri imx6dl V1.1A
iris carrier board
linux BSP 2.8b7

Hi @me_ahani98,

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Yes, there is a design guide for it. The design guide can be found here:

Colibri Carrier Board Design Guide

Starting on page 14, you can see the section about the RGB interface.

You can also find some design resources, in Altium format for you to base your design on.

Iris - Design Resources

Hope this helps.

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Hi @me_ahani98,

Do you have any news on this topic? Are you still facing an issue?

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i am in begining steps of test procedure
I will update it after getting result