RGB interface with XGA resolution in colibri iMX8

I am planning to use a Colibri i MX8X with a parallel RGB display with XGA (1024 x 768) resolution and 18bit color.

The Colibri iMX8 datasheet indicates “Up to 720p60 (720 x 1280 @ 60 Hz)” for the RGB interface.

So I’m not sure if I’ll be able to use this display with the iMX8.

Thanks for the help

Greetings @mllona,

Well XGA is less pixels overall comapred to 720x1280, so from a technical aspect I would imagine it is possible. However, I couldn’t find any examples of other’s using XGA resolution on the Colibri i.MX8X.

So, tentatively I want to say “yes it should be possible”, but let me see if I can find additional examples or confirmation as well.

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I was able to have someone try XGA resolution on the Colibri i.MX8X. A quick tests shows that it seems to work alright enough. But of course you should verify with your own specific display to be sure.

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Thanks for your help
I’m going to try with a display as soon as I can

Let us know how it works out. Always nice to have customer confirmation on various setups.