RGB display gone blank - no graphics

We are developing a product using iMX7 and New haven display NHD-7.0-800480EF-ASXN#-T.
We have used a adapter carrier board in between the Colibri Eval. board and the display, to adapt the 24bit display with 18 bit UFT connector. Back light we have given externally using a programmable power supply.
It was working fine for 2 days and suddenly it went blank today. Only back light is getting ON and no graphics is displayed. Complete white. But everything was working well for 2 days.
We probed the PCLK pin from the Colibri Eval. board.

The first image is with display connected and the second one is without display. As we can see, the PCLK signal gets dropped when connected to display.

Whether this could be the cause? Or any other method to diagnose this issue.

Thank You for your time.

Looks like a HW issue with your display or adapter board. Could you try disconnect your display and connect VGA monitor to Colibri Evaluation board? This way you can verify if Colibri video HW works as expected.