RF type approval test support

We have to support the RF ( wifi and bluetooth ) type approval measurements in other words there has to be a interface where the RF test commands can be executed. In previous project we did use AT and HCI interfaces. Is there any documentation of wifi ( AT or similar )and bluetooth (HCI or similiar ) test commands available?

We are using Colibri iMX6ULL computer module and Yocto

Hi @Lassi

Please refer to GitHub - toradex/meta-toradex-wifi: This repository contains recipes and meta-data to integrated the NXP proprietary wireless drivers (also called mlan or the C-Driver) into the Toradex BSP for SOMs containing the Azurewave 88W8997 chip.

You can use branch 5.3 from this repository with the latest BSP from Toradex. This should not be an issue.

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Hi, thank you for the quick response. Yes I’ll check this one, thank you
Br. Lassi

Hi @henrique.tx

I am installing this driver to our Yocto build, unfortunately I can’t find this file MFG-W8997-MF-LABTOOL-U14- from NXP

Hi @Lassi !

Could you please explain the steps you took to search?

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Most probably I do not have access rights to those files, I have just applied NXP Secure Access Rights. Lets see what happens after that…

step were:
I clicked this link in


I was not able to do the search there in my account.

I think I have to apply those secure access rights and it requires NDA, if the driver is available in other location, please send me a link…

Hi @Lassi !

After performing my login and going to the same NXP page, I:

  1. searched for 88w897, and

  2. clicked on the files of the device, then

  3. searched for SD-WLAN-SD-BT

With this, I could find the files:

The NDA is indeed required.

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Hi @Lassi !

Do you have updates regarding this topic?

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Hi @henrique.tx

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to download these two files:
SD-WLAN-SD-BT-8997-U16-MMC-W16.68.10.p162-16.26.10.p162-C4X16693_V4-MGPL.zip and MFG-W8997-MF-LABTOOL-U14-
I believe that these two files are required in building process.
We have the company NDA but still I got this message:

I am just wondering could you send these files to me via email or something, deadline for the test is approaching.

br. Lassi

Hi @Lassi!

I have the information that your account manager got in touch with you about this topic.

Let us know if you need something else :slight_smile:

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Toradex NDA process is ongoing, I do not have those files yet…



Hi @Lassi !

I was informed that the NDA was signed already.

Could you please confirm that you need specifically the MFG-W8997-MF-LABTOOL-U14-

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Hi, I am following these instructions:

More spesific here is listed the required software packages:

There are two files related to colibri-imx6ull which is our hardware.
SD-WLAN-SD-BT-8997-U16-MMC-W16.68.10.p162-16.26.10.p162-C4X16693_V4-MGPL.zip and MFG-W8997-MF-LABTOOL-U14-

I really do not know other packages which would be better to use, if there are better software packages available please send those instead… I just need to get this RF test image build up and running in order to get the RF test interface image for RF type approval tests.


1/2 OT. @henrique.tx, I wonder where from this strict “proprietary” term came regarding NXP Wi-Fi driver. Driver source code, which is accessible in linux-toradex tree here has been GPL since quite long ago with headers like this:

 * This software file (the File) is distributed by NXP
 * under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2, June 1991

Then on NXP’s source.codeaurora.org there are several driver versions. lf-5.15.32_2.0.0 is not only proprietary, but as well confidential…, but headers, among the scary confidential lines include these two:

  • Alternatively, this software may be distributed under the terms of GPL v2.
  • SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0

Older driver lf-5.15.5_1.0.0 seems being pure GPL. Isn’t it?

Hi, I am just wondering, you should have test image or you should be able to compile the image since you have done testing and this instructions how to built the image.

So if you could send me your already compiled RF test software image for our som module, that is enough and we can start our type approval measurement’s

Other option is to get these driver packages as soon as possible, today would be nice. Deadline for the measurement is approaching…



Same issue for me, registered on NXP, signed NDA, but still no files available.

I’ve opened a support case on NXP (case 00516086) where they pointed me to their CodeAurora driver sources and firmware files. I’m trying to test if those compile OK by modifing the meta-toradex-wifi recipes.

Hi, any progress with these Code Aurora drivers?

I managed to compile wifi driver (as there is no BT source) and test it with the firmware binary they provided. Unfortunately the binary is an SD_UART version and my module is strapped with SDIO only (iMX6ULL Colibri): with mwifiex vanilla driver and with mlan NXP driver WiFi works fine with newer firmware but BT cannot operate. So I’m stuck as I need concurrent WiFi/BT operation for my final application.

Hi @Lassi !

I see that you got support via email as well.

Was your issue solved?

If yes, could you share the solution here as well and mark it as the solution?

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