Reverse polarity voltage to colibri viola + VF50


Just applied -5V to my colibri viola + VF50. The user guide says that there is no reverse voltage protection on the board.
I noticed my mistake and changed polarity. VF50 seems to run fine.

is it absolutely certain that I fried something and didn’t notice it? or was I just lucky?

Hi @rifo,

On Viola V1.2, DC/DC regulator (IC1, AP6503) and USB power switch (IC3, TPS2042BD) are the 2 components are directly connected to the Input power (PWR_IN_FILT power rail) and I expect that these component may / may not fail because of reverse polarity.

I would recommend you to first perform load test on 3.3V power rail (ensure that Colibri module is NOT connected to the carrier board). AP6503 can supply 3A (max) current @ 3.3V. Probe 3.3V power rail to check for any voltage drop and also check if IC1 heats up or not.
If you find the power supply is working fine. Connect the Colibri module and test the USB interface if it is working properly.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question.

Best Regards,
Satyan Raj


Viola board seems to survive the incident

Thanks for your message.