Ressource Leak Detector - Interpretation of output


i’ve found your nice description about the usage of the RLD. Also the note to reference to the pdb/map file.
Thanks a lot!
Now i got some more information but i’m not sure how to interpret this output. Is every item really a memory leak ?

Thanks Holger[upload|2yUFnsyg2EOLQIzS4BKTvoo1gEc=]

Dear @HR1979,

After running the application, you should kill the application on the Windows CE device to check the memory leak on your application or kernel functions.

Let us know if you face any difficulty with this.

Dear @HR1979,

I am not sure, how did you test with a small application. As soon as killed your application, the entire application virtual memory space will be deleted, so it won’t show any memory leak.

Testing methods:
you can test that with malloc 10 times and free 5 times, resultant 5 memory allocation should be visible on the leak detector


Use shared DLL or kernel driver to allocate and free the memory. If you call 10 times memory allocation to the driver and 5 times free the memory, resultant 5 memory allocation should show as a leak on the kernel driver or shared DLL after you kill the test application.

Hi, thanks for your advice. The ressource leak detector, doesn’t show any specific stuff. So i used a small test application where i created a leak. But it doesn’t show also anything. I guess it only shows the memory usage ???

HI @HR1979

Is the issue solved now?

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