Resolved: Service degradation and intermittent request failures for Torizon Platform on 2022.05.30

Torizon Platform Services across are currently experiencing some service degradation and intermittent connection issues.

Beginning around 20:00 EDT on Sunday, May 29 2022, we started observing an unusual spike in requests. Since then, there have been occasional request failures or timeouts on our authorization server. This has led to occasional failures on API calls across

If you have noticed issues with logging in to, or had problems with platform commands in torizoncore-builder failing (e.g. torizoncore-builder push or torizoncore-builder platform provisioning-data), it is likely related to this service degradation.

For now, if you are experiencing problems with Torizon Platform, you can simply retry the request or refresh the page.

The Platform team is working on a more permanent fix for this issue. Further updates will be added as replies to this post.

The issue has now been resolved as of 10:53 AM EDT. Users should not be seeing intermittent request failures on any longer.

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