'Resistive Touch Display 7" Parallel' vertical axis inverted on Colibri iMx6ULL?

I purchased two 7 inch displays from the Toradex website:

When using the Toradex Qt E-Bike Demo image, all is good except the vertical axis is inverted. See attached image:

The page Touch Calibration section on Resistive Touch Screen (Linux) says:

“BSP 2.x automatically performs a calibration”.

The calibration looks pretty good except it is inverted on the vertical axis.

Any tips or suggestions on how to fix?

Thanks in advance,



Did you actually calibrate your touch screen? A resistive touch screen will always require manual calibration and as such that should also automatically take care of whatever axis may need inverting or not.

By “BSP 2.x automatically performs a calibration” we mean that such BSP did automatically launch such manual calibration upon first boot. Whether or not any 3rd party Qt image will do so I can not comment.