Replacement of TI PT4110A power supply used on the Colibri Evaluation Board?

Hi, we are developing a carrier boar based on the Colibri Evaluation Board and looking at the power supply for the LCD interface, the part is listed as EOL since 2012. I would like to know if there is a replacement for this power supply.
Eli Camacho

Dear @ecamacho,
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Could you please provide me more information about the device you mentioned?
In which schematic or document have you found this part number?

Thanks a lot for your clarification, I wish you a nice day.

Hi @diego.tx, I just realice that this is a part number from East Rising and they recommend it as a LED driver for the backlight of one of their displays. It is actually a part number from a not very common manufacturer. My mistake was to asume that the part number was on your schematics but it was added from East Rising documentation.

Thanks a lot!