Replace pxa320 it by colibri t30 it or newer card

can I install an image.bin with my application taken from the pxa 320 wince 5.0 card and install it on colibri t30 with win ce 7.0 or a newer card using update tool, I fear that they will soon abandon production

Regrettably, the image format of the Colibri PXA 320 is incompatible with other Colibri modules. However, there’s a good chance that you can successfully run your application on a newer Colibri module. To do this, simply transfer all the necessary executables, DLLs, and other files required by your application. This approach should work as long as your application doesn’t interact with non-standardized hardware interfaces such as SPI, I2C, ADC, etc.

Ok,tank you very much for your help