Remove registry keys with a reg file


I try to remove some registry keys using a REG file. But the pregedit.exe seems not to be able to handle this.

I’m trying to remove the desktop icons by applying this:



I need this for setup stuff during production


The current registry editor on the Colibri/Apalis T30 images does not support this feature. You could use the registry editor from the Vybrid Image. We plan to replace the registry editor in the Tegra Image as well later on. For now, just use this registry editor from Vybrid and the syntax you describe works there. You can get the tool also from here. Provide the full path to the tool as well as to the registry file to make sure you use the right editor.

There are two ways to remove keys with this tool:

  • Run the tool with the parameter /D and the registry path of the key you want to remove.
  • Run the tool and provide the REG file with the syntax as you described it above as input parameter.

Don’t forget to save the registry afterwards ( ).

Thanks, the regedit does the job.
No error message though and the silent (/S) switch doesn’t work…

I have updated the answer. If you use the /D parameter and the registry path of the key you want to remove, the tool should run silent. Unfortunately the Silent flag (/S) does not work for all notifications.

Ok, so the syntaks would be:

*regedit /D HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Explorer\Desktop{000214A0-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}