Remove QT Demo from Autorun

I built QT x11 image for my target (colibri imx6) with open embedded core. A qt demo application automatically runs after linux boots up. How can we exclude the QT demo from the build process? Further more, is it possible to include our own QT application in the build process?
Thank you.

Yes it is possible to modify the image recipe to remove the demo application and include your own Qt application as well as change the autorun configuration. You will need to write a recipe for your application - either to build it from source or to simply install the compiled binary(s) to the rootfs.

If using angstrom-qt5-x11-image, you can remove the smarthome demo from the install variable and add your own application’s recipe package. Then you must modify the qt5-x11-demo-init script that is launched by qt5-x11-demo.service.

If using angstrom-qt-x11-image, you can remove the qt4-demos package from the install variable and add your own application’s recipe package. Then you must modify the qt4-x11-demo-init script that is launched by qt4-x11-demo.service.

Thank you , Brandon.
Here is what I think that I will do:

  1. Comment out the line of "qt4-demos " in file.
  2. Remove qt4-x11-demo.service and qt4-x11-demo-init files.
  3. Create our own service and init script and put them in the same directory (/qt4-x11-free-systemed)
  4. Build the image
  5. Put our own application binary to “rootfs/usr/bin/”.
  6. Flash linux to the module.

Am I missing anything?

Yes this should work.

You may have to actually remove the qt4-demos line as commenting within a variable assignment does not work well.

And if you decide to replace the service and init scripts in qt4-x11-free-systemd, be sure to update the recipe accordingly.

Ideally, you’d do all this within your own meta layer and either override or append to the recipes that require modification making the customizations a little more manageable and portable.

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