Remove kernel message on LCD in bsp6.2

hello dear support
I am trying to remove the kernel message from RGB LCD on the imx6dl and BSP6.2
but I am facing with “(Splash Screen on the Linux Kernel | Toradex Developer Center)”
how should I remove this?
note: I do not want to disable the UART console port debugging messages

I am using:
colibri IMX6dl with iris career board / BSP6.2 and Riverdi RGB LCD

Hello @me_ahani98 ,
Can you please try the following solution?

Please let us know about the outcome.

Best regards,

i appreciate your kind response
but as i understood it will disabled all kernel messages (console message + LCD message)
but i need to disable only LCD messages and not console
did i understood correctly?
if i am right and agreed with disabling all consoles log how should i show an image instead of blank page?

Hello @me_ahani98 ,

It will not remove the console messages. Only the ones in the LCD. You will still see a Linux logo but no boot messages.

Best regards,

hello dear Josep
your last recommendation worked exactly fine
I have another question now
is there any way to show a certain image like the company logo instead of a penguins picture during the kernel boot process?

thank you my friend

Hello @me_ahani98
Since this thread is already solved and in order to have only one topic per thread, could you open another thread for this new request?

Best regards,

I am gonna do that

wish you bests