Remote SSH Debugging in VSCode ApolloX

Hey Toradex Support!

We love your new Remote SSH Session feature you recently added to Torizon Platform.

Is it already possible to use this feature to remotely debug via your VSCode ApolloX Extension?

I tried changing the SSH Port in the VSCode settings to the Port used by the SSH Remote Session feature with no success.

[09-27 15:13:39.603] Trying to connect to
[09-27 15:14:04.358] ERROR :: Error trying to connect to  : Timed out while waiting for handshake

Thank you for your help!
Best regards,

Greetings @xlukem,

Let me try to understand your use-case better. So you want to remotely debug a device that is not on your local network? The ApolloX extension already has remote debugging in the sense that it can access and debug a device that is accessible from the network your development PC Is on.

Meanwhile the Remote Access feature on Torizon Platform can access devices as long as they’re network connected even if they’re not on the same network your PC is on.

So are you trying to debug a device that is not on your local network? Or what exactly is your setup here?

Best Regards,