Remote logging functionality for EasyInstaller

For a production scenario it would be nice to have some possibility to log the flash procedure of the EasyInstaller on a remote machine (e.g. by sending packets via netconsole to a host machine). Have you something like that in mind already?


One solution could be to write a prepare_script and a wrapup_script that sends some logging information via nc. You could also check the image health in the wrapup_script after flashing.
Check this link under “Detailed Manual” for more information regarding wrapup_script and prepare_script.

Would such a solution work for your use case?


Hi Stefan,

Would such a solution work for your use case?

Yes, such a solution would work.

I had some time to care about this.

My setup:

  • dhcp server (
  • http server ( serving our tezi conform image whith netcat piping of log messages in and scripts (see below)
  • dnsmasq DNS redirect (
  • Apalis TK1 2GB v.1.2A with EasyInstaller v1.5 pre-flashed
  • serial cable attached

The serial console output from EasyInstaller states with ip addr show eth0 that it got which is OK.
Connecting with vnc (krdc) to EasyInstaller on is OK.
So far so good.
But the EasyInstaller GUI output is NOK:

Error executing prepare script
/var/volatile/Roboception_rc_visard_v1.2.0/ line 66: netcat: not found
(some  other "not found" messages)

The image has not been written completely. Please restart the process, otherwise you might end up in a non-bootable system.

The according content of the file is:


echo "Start flashing of rc_visard." | netcat $REMOTE_LOGGING_HOST $REMOTE_LOGGING_PORT

BusyBox netcat is available, its name is nc.

Hi Stefan, thx for the hint. Remote logging works just fine.

Hi Florian, you are welcome. Thanks for the feedback.