Remote File Viewer/ Remote Registry Editor Tool are not working

I am facing issue with Remote File Viewer/ Remte registry editor tool which gets installed along with AppBuilder for visual studio 2015.
I was following this link to setup my Developement Environment for WinCE2013 with Visual Studio 2015 Windows Embedded Compact Development Tools | Toradex Developer Center
I have installed the AppBuilder and SDK for , everything is fine apart from Remote File Viewer/ Remote registry editor tool. I am using Windows 10 for my developement.
Remote File Viewer/ Remote Registry Editor works fine in Windows 7 but Windows 10 , I am getting Error message which i attached in attachment.

alt text

I’m not able to reproduce the issue on my machine. So I did a google search for
“because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect”

It seems to be a conflict between different Microsoft runtime libraries. Several solutions are described in various articles.