Remote display V3 hostname

Using the remote display library from here it auto runs correctly unless I add a -hPCnameOrIP parameter, at which point it requires user input to start, and it ignores the supplied PC name.

Is the -h parameter only available in V2 of the remote viewer?

To do an automatic connection you should also add the -c command line argument.

If I run it with just -c it does auto-connect. If I run it with -hCustomName -c then it open the box requiring user input.

sorry, for the typo.
Can you try to add host name to the registry under

"HostName"="<device name or ip>"

and just pass -c on the command line?
In the meantime we will try to investigate this issue.

I’m afraid that doesn’t make any difference, I still get the same number in CERHOST.exe.

what do you mean with “same number”?

With just the -c option, I get a number starting TMX… in CERHOST.exe on the Windows desktop.

Neither the -h option nor the registry key changes the TMX… number I see in CERHOST.exe when trying to connect. I assumed that the -h option is supposed to change the hostname you see in CERHOST.exe on the desktop.

Sorry,I understand now.
-h is supposed to start connection from the device to host (PC running CERHOST) immediately.
The device broadcasts its device ID (TDX…), but this one is generated from mac address and should be unique, to avoid confusing two devices on the same net.

Ah, I see - sorry for that confusion. I thought that it allowed you to give the CE machine a custom name on the CERHOST list of remote devices. Thanks for the help.