Remote display V2 command line parameters

When I try to run remote display v2 over ethernet I have tried the command line on the T30 command prompt:

\Flashdisk\cerdisp2.exe –h192.168.10.135 –c

… but I get a pop-up saying Invalid cmd line arg.

I was following the instructions on the Toradex web page, can anyone see what I have done wrong?

I can still put the parameters in manually via the dialgogue boxes and this works OK, but would like to be able to run it with the correct parameters automatically.

Please check the the hyphen (“-”) character and use a minus symbol. If you have used in your command line exactly what you posted here, it will not work, as in the snipped you posted here the wrong one is used. I quickly check this with cerdisp2 and replaced these characters, after that it was working fine.