Remote Access the "Linux Reference Multimedia" Using VNC or RDP (not TorizonCore)

I read this: Remote Access the TorizonCore GUI Using VNC or RDP

A very interesting feature

I read this (ENTRYPOINT) :

RDP_BACKEND="command=/usr/bin/weston --shell=fullscreen .....

if [ "$ENABLE_VNC" = "1" ]; then
    echo -e $MSG | tee -a $CONFIGURATION_FILE $CONFIGURATION_FILE_DEV 1>/dev/null

if [ "$ENABLE_RDP" = "1" ]; then

Enviroment variable add extra –backend=…

Is possible enable VNC or RDP on “Linux Reference Multimedia” image not Torizon?
which file is building ?
“which file” == recipe bitbake in layers folder

I have found a possible source of the file


EXTRA_OEMESON += "-Dbackend-default=auto -Dbackend-rdp=**false** -Dpipewire=false"

after set backend-rdp=true I try build image but I have problem with

| Run-time dependency freerdp2 found: NO (tried pkgconfig and cmake)
| libweston/backend-rdp/ ERROR: Problem encountered: RDP-backend requires freerdp2 which was not found. Or, you can use '-Dbackend-rdp=false'.

I add freerdp to image but it did not help

    DEPENDS += “freerdp”
    -Dbackend-rdp=true I have no idea how to build this file

Hi @MariusM ,

Thanks for your question.

We’re looking into it.

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Hi @MariusM,

as you might know, the Toradex Easy Installer also features VNC. You can have a look at the link below, from there you might be able to extract something that helps you progress on your project.

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Mea culpa !
I thought that “Toradex Easy Installer” is closed source. I don’t know why !
ldd show me need “Neat VNC library” but I didn’t know how to build it

You opened my mind :wink:
thank you very much

Hi @MariusM ,

glad that this helped you.

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