Registry import command line /s option not working

I am developing an automated OS, configuration and application loading mechanism via batch files. My batch file has commands as follows:

Regedit.exe /S \FlashDisk\settings.reg
\windows\update.exe /f (SaveReg shortcut)

where /S switch supposed to not show any message or dialog box for the user confirmation. But in reality, the message still shows up and it says a wrong sentence as well (the message is grammatically wrong).

Can I get a Regedit version where /S switch works and the dialog is not shown?

Also, I need to know is there a way for the Savereg shortcut not to show the dialog as well?

Silent registry import

Which Image version are you using? With in Image 2.0 (2.0 beta 3 to be precise) the silent mode should work fine. See also roadmap issue 20926. If you are using a older image, you can use the latest registry editor as well. You get it from here (CE 7 and CE8 version).

Silent registry save

You can use the parameter /fu (update unatended) or /fue (update unatendet, not showing any error). You find this options also on Update Tool developer webiste.