Registry: BackupTool vs. Regedit


I want to backup the Registry and import it to a different System. (Pretty much
the same as in the the video for the BackupTool).

Unfortunatley this didn’t work as expected. Nothing was chaning after updateing the Registry.i6r file
(and saving the registry) on the other System.

Then I followed this (Import a registry file):

and it worked perfectly.

So what does the BackupTool do, if you backup the registry?

FileSize there is quiet a difference:

  • BackupTool: 8.3MB

  • Registry->Export: 934 kB

Thanks in advance

BSP: WEC2013 1.2beta4
UpdateTool: 7.4.0(1.9)

The export function in the registry editor can be used to export just some registry keys in text format.
The export function in update tool exports always the whole registry in the same format used to store it on the internal flash (that’s why it’s bigger).
The new (imported) registry will be loaded on next reboot, so to see the new settings you have to import and then reboot.

Hi Valter,

I tried w/o success.

I did a backup of the Registry with the UpdateTool on Host 1 (File: BackupRef.i6r).

Then I copied the file to Host 2 and tried to update via the UpdateTool → Update
via the commandline (batch script):

REM 4) Registry
\temp\bin\UpdateTool_CE8.exe /u registry,raw,\temp\Image\BackupReg.i6r
\temp\bin\UpdateTool_CE8.exe /fu 
REM coldboot
\temp\bin\UpdateTool_CE8.exe /rc10000

None of those processes worked.

both Hosts are running WEC2013 1.2beta4

I will attach the BackReg.i6r to this thread. link text