Regional Settings are not saved

I’m migrating from WEC7 1.4 image to last official 2.2. I installed locales from here and switch to “Spanish(Argentina)”, but the modifications were lost after reboot. Save the registry does not worked.

I also saw this issue was fixed on #20562

Any ideas?

ok, talk to you next week. Thanks

Dear @skabo,

Thank you for your patience.

This bug is introduced due to the recent changes in our standard release image. We removed a lot of locales to reduce the Image size and reduce the boot time and made an installer to use it on the standard image. We are guessing(based on our test results) WinCE operating systems expects default Locales should be available in the \Windows directory before Filesystem is mounting and that we can’t make it. Almost it is impossible to solve it. We have other workarounds for your use case.

  1. Programmatically set the locale after every boot. Please refer below links"

  2. Build a custom image with the addition of those locale settings using our workspace and binary BSP and use it for your product.

We have EarlyAutoCopy feature, you would use this feature to make sure all the required files will be available in the \Windows directory much before the booting completes.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

ok, I did not understand if using EarlyAutoCopy to copy the necessary .nlx files is enough or I have to programmatically set the locale after every boot with a native app or both, thanks!