Regarding deployment qt ui project on toradex ixora imx6 module

I am using QT creator opensource tool to create a UI and want to deploy that UI on my toradex ixora imx6 (os is torizon os)…
then how to do all the required process please suggest me…
note:- i don’t have qt licence …

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Deploying a Qt UI project on a Toradex i.MX6 module running TorizonOS without a Qt license can be efficiently done using the Qt for Python (PyQt) or leveraging the open-source version of Qt. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

  1. Set Up Your Development Environment:

    • Install Docker on your development machine if you haven’t already. Docker is essential for working with Torizon.
    • Download and install the open-source version of Qt Creator on your development machine.
  2. Use the Qt Debian Container for Torizon:

    • Toradex provides a Qt Debian container for Torizon, which is a straightforward way to deploy Qt applications. This container includes the necessary libraries and tools to run Qt applications.
    • Pull the Qt Debian container from the Toradex Artifactory or Docker Hub. You can find the command and more details on the Toradex documentation page.
  3. Develop Your Application:

    • Use Qt Creator to develop your application. Since you’re using the open-source version, ensure your project complies with its licensing requirements.
    • For a UI project, you might want to use QML for designing your interface, which is well-supported in Qt.
  4. Build Your Application Inside the Container:

    • You can build your application directly inside the Qt Debian container for Torizon. This ensures that all dependencies are correctly handled and that your application is compatible with the TorizonOS running on your i.MX6 module.
    • To do this, you can use Docker commands to run the container, mount your project directory inside the container, and then use the Qt tools inside the container to build your project.
  5. Deploy and Test Your Application on the i.MX6 Module:

    • Once your application is built, you can deploy it to your i.MX6 module running TorizonOS. You can do this by copying the application binary and any required resources to the module via SCP (Secure Copy Protocol) or any other file transfer method you prefer.
    • Run your application on the module by executing the application binary. You might need to set the appropriate permissions for the binary before executing it.
  6. Debugging and Further Development:

    • Use Qt Creator’s remote debugging features to debug your application running on the i.MX6 module

Please, also check if these links can help you solve your problem:

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Actully I am using C++ for UI creation…then in this case how to do.

Greetings @ankit,

First of all, you say you are using “Torizon OS” is this correct? What version of Torizon OS are you using?

If that is correct that you are using Torizon OS. Then it is not simple to deploy your application directly from Qt Creator to Torizon OS. This is because Torizon OS typically runs it’s applications within software containers (Docker). Which Qt Creator does not know about.

We do provide a Visual Studio Code extension that is designed to work with Torizon OS: Visual Studio Code IDE Extension | Toradex Developer Center

This extension also has a template for C++ Qt projects. This is what we would recommend if you are truly using Torizon OS.

Best Regards,

Thanks for the reply .
currently i am using Apalis IMX6Q V1.1D 11231974 SOM.

Hi @ankit,

Thanks for sharing Module details.
As mentioned at the moment one can not directly deploy application from Qtcreator. That said you can still able to edit ui files in Qt and use Torizon IDE extension for building and debugging your application.
Please follow below article for same

Best regards
Ritesh Kumar

Sir I have upload a Torizon+qt OS using toradex easy installer …in this case my root be like root@b2qt-apalis-imx6 is this okk? or i need to install torizon+docker os in my board?.
or any other steps should i need to follow.

Hi @ankit,

You will need Torizon OS, either you can install Torizon with evaluation container or without it that’s your choice.

Best regards
Ritesh Kumar

Sir After installation Torizon evaluation image in my board,
i am trying to work on vs-code to create and deploy the project on Toradex board.
when i create a new torizon project and try to run its showing the below error

is this a correct way to do this whole process kindly guide me accordingly with a supported video or virtual connect .
Eagerly waiting for your response as I want to close this one asap.

Do I need to install QT 6 also for my pc or will this work with VS code extension.

Hi @ankit,

If you run check-deps task, this will provide you all the dependencies package you will need to build qt6 project.
This task will also prompt you to install the missing packages. After this you should be able to build project.

If you still face any issue and need assistance please write email to and we will try to connect over remote meeting.

Best regards
Ritesh Kumar