Reducing Active Area on Toradex Resistive Touch Screen


I am currently having issues with the housing that holds my iMX6 + Ixora Carrier board + Toradex 7" Resistive Touch Screen.

The frame that runs around the outside of the display uses gaskets to stop water from entering the shell. Because of this, the touch screen is constantly detecting a press around the outer parts of the display

Is it possible to reconfigure the software (either through bootloader on in the OS) so that the area of activation is decreased?

The device is currently running a Yocto Linux Distribution (Dunfell).


Though STMPE811 controller supports “active window” settings such feature are not implemented in the Linux driver. You can check available touch driver settings here. You can modify a touch driver to enable “active window” settings but please note that pressure from the gasket may cause a wrong coordinate reading even if touch happened in a middle of screen. So the optimal way to fix this problem is a housing modification.