RED 2014/53/EU compliant

Hello everyone,
I am working ok iMX8QM with Ixora Carrier board.

In the next few days one of our devices needs to be certified, and since we use WiFi module, I have been told that it will have to comply with RED Directive 2014/53/EU.
I realize this is not exactly a technical question, but since I mount a Toradex module (Apalis iMX8) inside the device I wanted to know if any of you could help me.
I am sure that the module I use is 2014/53/EU compliant, where can I find the relevant documents?
is it enough that the module is certified or, in your opinion, will I have to go through all the tests on my “finished” device ?

I remain waiting, thank you very much.

Scrolling through the Toradex Apalis-IMX8 Developer page, look under the “Toradex Wifi Information” Section. Everything regarding the Wifi module is linked there, including certification documents.
As the module is pre-certified, you do not neccessarily need to run through all the tests.
But casing and antenna selection influence certification results, so you will at least need some ball park measurements to get an estimate how your device compares to the Toradex certification.
The decision on what/how much to measure is dependent from the practical experience of your certification center, so you need to check with them to ask for their opinion.

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Thank you @mcr for your contribution.

Yes @Merlin, I agree with what @mcr said. Specifically, we have the declaration of conformity here: Certification documents for Azurewave AW-CM276NF Wi-Fi / Bluetooth module | Toradex Developer Center.

Some documents (or software/driver) are available with NDA. I recommend you contact your account manager if you need them.

Latest test reports, documents, and certificates - including ETSI EN 300 328 - can be supplied under NDA. Please contact Toradex Sales.

The following article expands more on the topic Wi-Fi Cables and Antennas for Toradex Modules | Toradex Developer Center and might be useful for you. We have some antennas and cables available on our webshop that you can use for your product: Online webshop for Embedded Systems - Toradex

Thank you guys,
As usual I can easily find solution to my problems here.
For the moment I guess it is ok.

Have a good day

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Hi guys,
I’m coming back to this issue for a moment because yesterday we went to the laboratory that does the certifications.
a little hitch came up: the module is RED (2014/53/EU) compliant, but I have to do a test that apparently I (device manufacturer) have to do.
In order to verify that even inside my machinery the wifi device is working properly, I was told (and sorry if I am not precise but it really is not my field of work) that I have to perform one more test.
I need to connect to the board from a pc (I guess with the Debug serial) and run a program/script to drive the modulin in all its usage ranges.
They gave me a reference to this “standard”: ETSI EN 300 328 V.2.2 - frequency spurious emissions.

I really apologize if the description is a bit confusing but even what they told me was very approximate (the lab only makes measurements of any disturbances etc., they do not know specifically what needs to be done on the machinery to drive the wifi module)

Let me know if someone is experienced in this stuff.

Hi @Merlin,

no problem. Can you contact your Toradex salesperson? You will need NDA with us and we can give you the documents and the software tool that you can use to drive the wireless module in the test mode. Let me know if you still have difficulties.

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