Recoverymode has problems with bootloader

Colibri T30, WCE7, BSP 2.0

Hello Toradex Team,

I’m trying to flash an image on the Colibri T30 with the new flash tool.

I use recovery mode and have followed the instructions on the home page.

Unfortunately, the flash operation can not be completed. The following message appears:

loader.nb0 sent successfully
waiting for bootloader to initialize

nothing happens.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards


Did you try to flash also an other module? It could be that this module is broken. Please try to flash once any other module to check your setup is basically fine. If this is the only module that fails and is still under warranty, please open a RMA case. You find the form here.

Hello Samuel.tx,

I think the Module is not broken. There is a problem with my flash method. If I flash with an other Image (older version) the Image works on the same Module.

I get following message on the screen:

Press [space] to enter Bootloader Menu

Unknown Product ID Version not set. SerialNo not set.
RAM: 2048 MB, CarveOut: 2 MB
System ready!
Preparing for download…
Locating Kernel image in flash…ERROR: Open OS image partition Fail!

I Have one aditional question:

Is it possible to get a detailed description relaiting to creating Toradex image an flash it to the Colibri Board?

Can I get a plan of future Imageversions planned from Toradex T30?

This can help me very much.

Thank you.

Best regards


I have changed the .cfg file and now it works.

Thank you.

Hi @Saphymo,

Could you please kindly explained how did you get the module out of the “SpinForever” loop?

I’m experiencing a similar issue and the module is basically stuck in the status… Thank you in advance!

Press [space] to enter Bootloader Menu

Unknown Product ID Version not set. SerialNo not set. RAM: 1024 MB, CarveOut: 2 MB
Locating Kernel image in flash…ERROR: no valid kernel signature!