Recovery mode on Apalis IMX8

I have one Apalis Evaluation Board and IMX8QM SOM. I received this SOM and board 2 or 3 months ago but I didn’t test them. Because my company had a plan to use iMX6ULL. I’m using iMX6ULL and have 4 SOM, iris, Colibri boards. My staff is testing external SGTL5000 and he said the quality of sound is not good. So I want to test the sound on IMX8 but my board is not working. Also, I did recovery mode but I can’t see the screen of Toradex Easy Installer on my monitor. Please let me know how to recover my board. I know the recovery mode well on IMX6ULL.

If I turn on the board, I can see the following.
link text

If I did recovery mode, I can see the followings.
link text
alt text
alt text

I did recovery mode like the followings.

  1. Connect USB cable on X50 from PC. I copied
  2. Short the 2 points on SOM.
  3. Turn on the board and run recovery-windows.bat in apalis-imx8_toradexeasyinstaller_2.0b4-20191231.

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Dear @HansKim72 ,

According to your logs, TEZI is being launch correctly.

I understand that you are connecting a HDMI display, correct? Output should be available for HDMI and LVDS. Direct RGB is not available in the Apalis iMX8 as explained in the datasheet (5.6.1).

Also in any case you can access from your PC to the graphical interface of TEZI:

2 options:

  1. Your preloaded TEZI is v2.0b2. For this version, as VNC was not available for this version we had to use RDP protocol. Try to access the board through a RDP client to the as mentioned in the documentation. Should work.
  2. For TEZI v2.0b4 we could port and bring back VNC but there is a pending bug we are currently solving (for Apalis iMX8X but might also affect iMX8, just letting you know just in case). Try to access through VNC but make sure to disconnect the HDMI before loading TEZI.

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Is there HDMI on Apalis board? I didn’t find HDMI on the board.

There is a DVI connection which is effectively the same. Kindly check the Apalis Eval Board datasheet and Apalis iMX8 datasheet for more details on the available interfaces.

Settled. The problem was DVI. I must use DVI to HDMI Cable. Thanks.

Great! Thanks for the feedback!