Recovery mode on Apalis Evaluation Board - V1.1A

How can I enter to the recovery mode on the Apalis Evaluation Board - V1.1A, without going into the u-boot? There is nothing mentioned about it in the datasheet of the evaluation board.

Another question is about making and flashing system images and RNDIS driver for USB connection under Windows 10. There is not Remote NDIS compatible device driver under windows 10 in device manager. The device is not recognised properly after plug-in.

Let me try to answer the first question about the recovery mode leaving the Windows part to my sister team to answer.

As the recovery mode is module type specific it requires resp. module type specific mezzanine.

Alternatively one may enter the recovery mode via shorting some pads directly on the module as documented in resp. module datasheet.

Please only ask one question per post. This simplifies our handling and makes sure you receive the right answer in time. We will look at your second question now too. Thanks a lot.

@kamil: Unfortunately Microsoft completely messed up with the RNDIS drivers under Windows 10 and there is no fix available. For most users RNDIS devices are seen as Serial device. We patched a driver in order to use it for RNDIS. You can get it from here. This driver is not signed. So you have to boot your PC in the unsigned mode (Press shift while pressing “reboot”) and use the trouble shoot mode and press F7 after reboot).

Please be aware, that in case you loose RNDIS communication while doing application debugging, your system will freeze.