Recovery mode of Colibri iMX6ull over UART

Colibri iMX6ull 512MB IT

I am having Colibri eval board with me.

Is it possible to do the recovery from UART instead of USB?

Will it be below UART (UART A)?

Some of the community posts are saying it is supported but not tested.

I fear you may enable SDP on UART and disable SDP on USB only irreversibly. It is not clearly stated, but just see.

With BT_FUSE_SEL=1 (fuse bank 0 word 6) we have on Colibri modules, and recovery pin set up accordingly it seems we are forced to USB only

Perhaps it is incomplete documentation and recovery over UART could be enabled with setting below (bank 0 word 7). Eh, I’m not sure what 1-Disable value really means, disable “UART Serial Download Disable”, which should mean SDP on UART enable? Or perhaps it means SDP on UART disable? I guess first one, because default fuse setting is 0 and SDP on USB is working and SDP on UART seems not working. But since SDP over UART is veeery slow, I won’t experiment fusing this bit to 1.

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Hi @tavinoth,

Recovery mode is necessary in case u-boot becomes non-working and to download u-boot , usb is required. Once u-boot is working then there are multiple methods to download image to module.
eg. using SDCard, USB, tftp, etc.
However, not all methods are supported by Toradex.
Please check i.MX Linux User;s Guide from NXP for more methods of booting image.

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