Recovery mode in virtual machine

SOM - Colibri imx6ull 256mb
Carrier board-Voila rev 1.2
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS as guest virtual machine on Virtual box with host as windows 11

I try to connect the Colibri module to my virtual machine. USB has been detected by VM before recovery mode. When I want to install Toradex easy installer during recovery mode, it come up with error “Couldn’t find the USB device”.

Could anyone help me to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance,

Dear @EJA,

Hope you’re doing good. Usually, when you download the Toradex Easy Installer you have a bat script to be run in Windows. You shall run this version instead.

As you can see here: Loading Toradex Easy Installer | Toradex Developer Center, loading Toradex Easy Installer is not recommended on a Virtual Machine.

Please tell us if this helps you solve your issue.

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Hi @gclaudino.tx,

Thank you for your reply. Does it means that we have to download the Toradex easy installer on module using windows host machine and when it is done we can use Virtual Machine to the download the images.

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Hi @EJA,

Thanks for the quick answer. Indeed it’d be better to use the Windows Host Machine to enter recovery mode.

I have just one question about why you want to use the Virtual Machine to Download the images. Are you trying to connect it to VNC? Are you trying to download one of our pre-built images? If you have a custom image on your side, have you tried setting the autoinstall property to true?

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Hi @gclaudino.tx,

I don’t to use different Linux machine to customize the device tree. Therefore, I want to use VM running Ubuntu 20.04 on my Windows PC and customization and building of image can be later done on VM easily.

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Hi @gclaudino.tx

Is this right approach to work on Toradex module using Yocto images? I think Yocto Image work best on linux based systems.


Dear @EJA,

I indeed recommend using Linux Based Systems to create your images using Yocto. However, for the installation and recovery, you could use the Windows interface directly as using Virtual Machines may not be always easy to ensure that everything is working properly. Therefore what I’d suggest you is:

  • Enter recovery mode using your main OS only;
  • Create your Yocto images using a Linux OS like on your VM. Here you could extract the external media to a USB Key, for instance;
  • Install the image on the module using Toradex Easy Installer:
    For this, you can do either directly onto the module with a screen connected or with a mouse. Or you can login to VNC using any option on your original Host Computer’s OS to it or setting "autoinstall": true on your image.json and simply plugging your USB to your module with Toradex Easy Installer.

Please tell me if this helps clarify or if you need any further advice.

Best regards,