Recovery Apalis iMX6

I try useing linux utils “fw_setenv” to change u-boot pararmetrs.
Tools say “Warning: Bad CRC, using default environment”
After try to reboot i have bricked device(no boot, no console messages). I try to run u-boot from usb. Its working. I do:

run setupdate
run update

Procees work fine, and freeze on

resetting ...

messages. And device not boot again.

After “resetting…” be sure to do a hard power cycle (remove power and reapply).

Also, but sure that you are flashing the latest Linux image. If you downgrade from a newer U-boot to an older one, the U-boot may be flashed to a different location than where the boot ROM attempts to read it from. If you must downgrade, then you will need to enter some additional commands to reconfigure where the bootloader should be loaded from.

What HW rev and Image version are you using?

Apalis iMX6Q 2GB IT

With an IT module as you have you would need to update it to the IT version of our BSP as follows:

run setupdate
run update_it

And as @brandon.tx pointed out make sure to do a full power-cycle after a successful update.

BTW: The Warning: Bad CRC, using default environment message does not necessarily mean anything bad. It just means that the fw_setenv tool did not find any valid U-Boot environment stored in flash. This can also be the case if a module got freshly flashed and since nobody ever stored the environment to flash meaning the default settings as compiled into U-Boot are still in effect.