Recover Apalis i.MX8 SOM

Hello All,

We have an Apalis i.MX8 SOM, it seems to be corrupted. We are trying to recover it.
We are able to move the SOM into recovery mode and flash it with toradex reference image.
We can see that bootfs and rootfs are flashed successfully into the emmc by mounting them on /tmp/ using toradex easy installer serial console. But once we reboot the device after flashing the image, the SOM does not boot up. We can not see any logs on serial console.
Could you please help us to solve this issue?

Prathamesh S. Kulkarni

Hi @prathamesh.kulkarni,

The boot partition contains the Linux kernel, device tree files, etc. However, the bootloader u-boot is installed on the eMMC hardware boot partition. There is two of them but typically the system boots from the first one. From what you are describing it might that u-boot has not been flashed correctly to the boot partition. However, if you are flashing a TEZI image with TEZI it should have been flashed and it should have been set to boot from the first boot partition.
You would need to provide more details on what you have flashed.