Recommendations for Yocto build environment targeting Colibri iMX6ULL?

I was hoping I could save some time learning what others are using and any recommended paths?

I intend to set up a job on my Jenkins CI server to make the builds.

  1. Is there an advantage for using a specific build host? CentOS or Ubuntu? Getting started -

  2. Docker? A canned VM ISO image? A new VM setup from scratch?

  3. Then set my local.conf and go get a cup of coffee, or two, maybe lunch… :wink:

    File: local.conf

    MACHINE ?= “colibri-imx6ull”

I plan to target the existing Colibri VGA display before trying to get a 480 x 272 24-bit RGB display working (this looks challenging and appears to require building an adapter board). Then eventually boot2qt.

Thanks in advance for any advice,



Hey Ed,

Our release and nightly builds are built in Jenkins. Jenkins is triggering these builds then on slaves that are running Debian, but it could be any flavour of linux. We actually only spin up a container on the debian jenkins slave and build everything in this containers.

Jenkins actually prepares a build script and sets up the configuration (you mentioned local.conf, we use auto.conf). and then runs the whole stuff in a container. We use the work done in the CROPS project from yocto. You find also more details about these containers on their github site.

I hope this helps :wink: