Recommendation on Toradex demo images for Verdin iMX8M Plus

Dear Toradex Experts,

I would like to know what Yocto reference images for Verdin iMX8MP that include libraries supporting full features of vision based machine learning (i.e. ISP, VPU and NPU support for low level and Tensorflow Lite with VX-Delegate, Yolov5 or Yolov8, OpenCV, etc for higher level), please ?

Thanks and best regards,

Hi @linux4es,

By default you will not find all the package in BSP reference image. But you can use our reference multimedia image as a starting point. You can use Yocto build to include all the package you need for your application and build custom image. If you don’t feel like building custom Linux image using Yocto than we have our Torizon OS.

Using Torizon OS you can install packages inside container environment. We provide Debian container. Again we don’t have everything you asked inside one package or image but that should not be difficult to do.

Please check below link which talks about using Tensoflow lite

Let us know if you have any queries.

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar