Recommendation JTAG for i.MX8M plus development board

Hi ,
Can you please suggest the recommended JTAG’s which supports for Verdin i.MX8M Plus Devolpment Board

Board details.
Verdin Development Board V1.1E
Rev 1.1
Verdin iMX8MP Q 4GB WBIT
V1.1 A

I would be greatful for any information .Thank you in advance for your help.

For debugging the Cortex-M core using JTAG, please check this article. While it’s possible to debug ‘A’ cores, Toradex does not provide support for such scenarios. For more details, please refer to this thread.

Hi @alex.tx

I had gone through the link Segger and I have seen that in the supported board verdin i.MX 8M plus board is not there . Can you please suggest any other resuorce .Thank you in adavance.
My board details
Verdin Development Board V1.1E
Rev 1.1
Verdin iMX8MPlus Q 4GB WBIT
V1.1 A

The article I shared does indicate that Cortex-M debugging on the Verdin i.MX 8M Plus can indeed be achieved using the Segger J-Link hardware.

If you are talking a bout A core debugging - as I said it possible but Toradex does not support it. We recommend to use software debuggers instead, check here for example . If you still need to use JTAG debugging for A cores Fill free to use NXP community , Stack overflow or any other resources.

Hi @alex.tx ,
Can you please recommand which version of Segger J-Link hardware we should use for our custom evaluation board by using your toradex SOM board
Thanks in adavance

All current J-Link probes should be compatible with that requirement. Differences between existing probes are listed here.

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