Recommendation for a bright ips RGB Touch panel

Dear all,

iam searching for a good looking 7"-10" parallel-RGB 18/24bit IPS Touch Panel. It should have good viewing stability and high brightness and touch function.
The Toradex 7inch models are bad quality :wink:

Thanks for you support

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You can use pretty much any RGB panel with parallel RGB interface.
What exactly “Toradex 7inch models” you are referring to and what does " bad quality" mean?

Okay, thank you! so i need to build an adapter pcb for each display to do the right connections.

Bad quality is not right, i mean the viewing angle and brightness are not meet my application.

Hi @toraflo !

I just would like to share this information: this display is only meant for evaluation purpose, as you can see in the message shown before buying it: Capacitive Touch Display - 7 inch

For end products, we suggest Riverdi.

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Hi @toraflo ,
What exactly “Toradex 7inch models” you are referring to?

From my point of view, the Capacitive Touch Display 7" Parallel has a good brightness and viewing angle.