Recommend 4-5" display for Apalis TK1

I am looking for a small 4-5" display that works out of the box togehter with my Apalis TK1 module (BSP3.0 mainline kernel). Can you maybe recommend any? It has to have touchscreen support as well.

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A list of tested and supported displays you can find in the following link. Please be cautious as the Apalis TK1 does not feature the RGB interface.

Supported Displays

I hope this helps.

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Hi @kevin.tx
Thanks for your help. I am a bit confused about the missing RGB interface. Does this mean none of the displays listed in “RGB & LVDS Displays” can be used? The EDT displays are not available from our distributors.
We would need a 3-5" display with touch…
Thanks in advance

Hi @qojote ,

I did not want to confuse you.

No, that is not the case. In this list there are LVDS as well as RGB displays. I just wanted to tell you to be cautious when looking at some of these displays, because they might feature the RGB interface which in turn the TK1 does not have.

It’s a bit confusing that there’s no column for the interface. I will forward this to the team.

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