Recomended power for Ixora + Apalis iMX8 QM

I wanted to double check on the power supply and consumption for this SOM + Carrier Board combination. I am a novice in EE. I see Voltage supporting 5-27V , but nothing about Amps or Watts.

I had issues with a weak power supply where the Volts were good , but the Amps were just enough to get the device imaged and booted, but on any load, the device would power down. Now I have a random laptop power supply plugged into it.

12V 5A 60W , Connector: 2.1mm Plug
I have this power supply order, will this support the Apalis iMX8QM + Ixora on a full load? I figure this is 60Watts, attached devices can pull up to 30 watts… will this power supply be able to support it all?

Maximum Apalis iMX8QM power consumption is around 15-20W (from 3.3V rail). Ixora board itself consumes only a couple watts max. So your power supply is OK. However the on-board power supply provides the following supplies (maximum power).
5V / 6A (30W)
3.3V / 8A (26.4W)

So if you have any other devices powered from Ixora (including USB devices) you may reach on board power supply limits.