Rebuild the sdk after updating an image

This question is probably very simple but I am completely beginner.
I followed the instructions of this link (Qt Creator to cross compile - Embedded Linux) to configure qtcreator (build with openembedded layer). Everything went well and I made a first cross compilation.
Then I had builded a new image with opencv. The installation of this new image with toradex easy install on the target was ok too.

Do I have to rebuild the sdk to work with my new image ?
Can I just replace the contents of my /opt/tdx-xwayland/2.6.3/sysroots/aarch64-tdx-linux folder with the files in oe-core/build/deploy/images/apalis-imx8/Apalis-iMX8_Qt5-X11-Image.rootfs.tar.xz ?


Hi @paloutic

Whenever you build a new Image using OpenEmbeddedBuild, then you should also build the corresponding SDK.

Copying files from rootfs of Apalis iMX8 won’t work since these files are built for ARM architecture and not for cross compilation. Additionally some other necessary Files will be added also to SDK for the updated image, that’s why it is necessary to build the complete SDK again.

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Thanks, it’s very clear.

You are welcome.
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